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Our Take on Energy Transition

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Summer at the (Patent) Pool for Battery Manufacturers

Patent pools have become widespread in the telecommunications space, so it's no surprise that they are now coming to tech like lithium batteries the energy transition space.  They can provide access to new technologies but can also come with risks and burdens of their own.  Patent pools can also be an early warning sign for patent litigation coming to a technology space for those who choose to not sign up; battery manufacturers and users (e.g., EV manufacturers and others) alike should be aware of this trend and prepare for its implications.  Just like in other areas, the upstream technology suppliers aren't necessarily the ones that will be on the hook when the patent holders start filing suits.    

Tulip’s new licensing program is based on a combined portfolio of more than 5,000 LG Energy Solution and Panasonic Energy patents from over 1,500 patent families and is available to all battery manufacturers globally. This program represents the largest aggregation of patents offered for license in the battery industry to date.