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Our Take on Energy Transition

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Energy Office Announces Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy

Today, April 3, the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation released a strategy document outlining “National Zero-Emission Freight Corridors.” The strategy aims to achieve at least 30 percent zero emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sales by 2030 and 100 percent sales by 2040.  To do so, the strategy prioritizes the development of infrastructure along certain freight corridors and hubs in four phases, including: 

  • Establish priority hubs based on freight volumes (2024-2027)
  • Connect hubs along critical freight corridors (2027-2030)
  • Expand corridor connections initiating network development (2030-2035)
  • Achieve national network by linking regional corridors for ubiquitous access (2035-2040)

More information on the strategy document, including maps of the proposed corridors, is available here:

Biden-Harris Administration Releases First-Ever National Strategy to Accelerate Deployment of Zero-Emission Infrastructure for Freight Trucks