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Our Take on Energy Transition

| less than a minute read

DOE has new uses for old coal plants.

The Department of Energy has released an “information guide” to supplement its 2022 report finding that hundreds of coal power plant sites across the U.S. could be converted to nuclear power plant site. The guide projects that 30% of coal plants will retire by 2035 and argues that repurposing these sites for nuclear could take advantage of existing transmission connections, as well as providing other benefits. DOE released the guide as part of a broader loan initiative aimed at repurposing former industrial sites. The guide as well as related information is available here: Coal–to-Nuclear Transitions | Department of Energy.

This coal-to-nuclear transition could preserve hundreds of jobs that would otherwise be lost and lead to the creation of new jobs, economic opportunities, and overall improved health of communities most-impacted by fossil fuel pollution.