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Comment while you can: EPA's non-regulatory docket on GHG standards for existing gas turbines is open!

EPA is ready to get rolling on regulating the existing gas fleet! 

In a surprise move earlier this year, EPA announced that it would not finalize proposed greenhouse gas emission standards for certain existing combustion turbines as part of its upcoming rulemaking setting standards for existing coal-fired power plants, existing gas steam boilers, and new gas combustion turbines. Instead, EPA plans to move forward with a separate rulemaking addressing existing gas turbines. 

The non-regulatory docket is the first step in this follow on rulemaking. So, if you have comments, thoughts, or ideas on how EPA should implement Section 111 of the Clean Air Act for this sector, now is your chance to provide that input to the Agency. The non-regulatory docket will be open for public comment for 60 days – through May 28, 2024. 

EPA's statement regarding the non-regulatory docket is available here: Nonregulatory Public Docket: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Existing Gas Turbines at Power Plants | US EPA.

EPA has opened a non-regulatory docket and issued framing questions to gather input about ways we can design a stronger, more durable approach to greenhouse gas regulation of the entire fleet of existing gas combustion turbines in the power sector under Clean Air Act Section 111(d).