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Our Take on Energy Transition

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Exporting C02

Interesting announcement from HIF Global that it will work with its partners to explore the potential for supplying CO2 from Japan for use as a feedstock for its eFuel production facilities. eFuels and other low carbon fuels transform low-carbon hydrogen into low-carbon fuels by adding captured carbon, resulting in “carbon-neutral” hydrocarbons that will release captured carbon (i.e., be net “neutral” to the balance of carbon in the atmosphere). These eFuels can (as a “drop-in fuel”) help to decarbonise hard to abate uses in the near term by using existing infrastructure, combustion engines, downstream refueling and storage facilities, distribution facilities, and other end-user infrastructure, without significant additional investment or modification providing a fast transition solution at lower overall investment levels.

HIF Global will assess demand for carbon dioxide in its production facilities around the world. Petroleum company Idemitsu will study the capture of the gas in Japan, and shipping line MOL will examine the transportation of carbon dioxide from Japan and efuels to Japan