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Our Take on Energy Transition

| less than a minute read

Thinking of taking a dip in the (ESG patent) pool?

Patent pools certainly can produce great innovations and may be necessary to kickstart significant development in areas that are geared toward promoting a public good.   But joining patent pools always has tradeoffs (like ownership of cross-pollinated ideas) and can be a first step down the road toward standards essential patents much like what developed for patents on internet and cellular communication protocols.  Looks like ESG technology could be headed down a similar path.  As ESG regulation in this area increases, patent pools like these could have increasing impacts on freedom to operate and IP licensing practices in this area.    

With a portfolio encompassing over 250 patents spanning critical technologies in energy systems, transportation, etc., the ESG Smart Pool is poised to make a difference. The collaboration between Maersk and Siemens Energy unites two major industries committed to driving positive change.